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Post-Birthday/Pre-Halloween Pimp Post

Just a reminder, in advance of Come As You're Not, that any fic you create for the party would be equally welcome at Omni_Fiction, along with any of the comms you choose to cross-post to.

An LJ community, dedicated to fics and fic recommendations. We accept all fandoms, all pairings, crossovers, and original fiction. What makes it different? Aside from the all-fandom approach, we want adult-oriented material and readers:- not just adult = smut, but adult ideas and an adult attitude to fiction. There is a very loose ratings/warnings system in place, so no need to spoil your work with warnings that give away the ending.

Also, if you happen to have any older fics that you'd like to post, we're always happy to have those as well.


Since it may have gotten buried in the Weekend Vortex, I am offering a Smutty Drabble Exchange to compensate for the fact that I didn't write a gift-fic for my F-list this year.

So far we've had one lovely bit of smut featuring John Barrowman and Matt Smith in exchange for some John Simm/John Barrowmn. Come on over and play.


Three lovely drabble/ficlets posted by Second Silk A03:

West Wing


House MD
House/Nurse Brenda



Trust No One by juliet316.

A deliciously evil real!Jack fic that takes place post-End of Days.

Tis The Season by aeshna_uk

On a lighter note, a nice fic from last Christmas, which I read just in time to prepare for this one. Jack and John, together, being the bastardy perfect couple they truly are/were.


Sherlock Holmes-Granada TV

Octopus by [profile] k_haldane

OK, it's not everyday that I rec tentacle fic, because it's generally not even close to being my kink, but this is seriously hot and seriously in character for Holmes and Watson. Victorian repression + drug induced tentacles = Mrrrrroowww!


Ficathon walks into a bar-Crossover Fic

The Comm is Open! and people are posting so go read and give love.

Once again, a special love blurb to check out Never Time Travel Without An Invisibility Cloak for all you Big Bang Theory and Rome fans.


The Art of Negotiation by drunken_hedghog

MY BIRTHDAY FIC!!!!! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!FEATURING MY OTP-GIBBS/FORNELL...in their favorite "special place."

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