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I'm just tired and bored with myself...

So I was just out returning a DVD and I decided to lurk outside the 500 Club and stalk the bartender a little. I had a chat with a girl outside smoking and we agreed that nothing ever changes and we're all just as screwed up as "grownups" then we were at 15.

And yet another of my bazillion reasons I'm glad I made the decision I did about children. As in NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER: An email from bff Jennifer advised that her daughter Tess has decided to join the Marines. Jenn is freaking out. Keep in mind that Jenn has evolved from a somewhat apathetic W voter in 2000 to a hard core tree-hugging, anti-war marcher.

She wondered how she could have raised such an "ignoramus." But I figure the kid's a genius. What else could she do to piss off her mom as much?

Too tired to write, but not ready to sleep because I'm watching the Tour De France stage. Pretty scenery. Horsies. Guys in lycra.
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