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Talk me down

I'm insanely depressed about the election tomorrow. I feel that the worst could really happen and the worst part will be the ugly gloating, which even if I turn off the set and manage to avoid L-Dot, it will impossible to avoid.

I KNOW we've been through this before and we did live to see Bill Clinton's re-election, but we also got 8 years of Bush and didn't get congress back until 2006.

In 1992, I was planning to movie to Canada if George H.W. Bush won and to Israel if Ross Perot did. Those aren't really plausible options right now, if they ever were.

If this comes to pass, I just have to stay here, be part of the resistance and try to avoid the camps they'd like to put me in for being liberal, pro-choice, pro-gay rights etc.

What the fuck is the matter with the American People? Do they really get that pissy when someone tells them that they can't have Twinkies for breakfast every day? Sheesh.

OK, I'm going out for a run, and when I get back we'll return to your festive Come As You're Not Party, already in progress.
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