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Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

No, really. Since I'm not supposed to wear the Crocs to work and I'm afraid I'll forget to switch into the pumps when I get to work and bitch!Donna might see me in the Crocs and rat me out to Bubbles...I need to get my ass to Payless for some new flats. My old brown flats have completely disintigrated. I need to start breaking in a new pair of New Balance again, but that's a different story.

I did a little over 8 miles on Saturday and I was really feeling it in my calves and ankles, which means it's probably new running show time. I'm a New Balance junkie. Have been for years. Won't wear anything else. Different models, but always NB.

So we were watching The Sopranos, Season 5, Disk 1 last night and there was a mention by name the of the law firm that I happened to be staffed at. Ah fame!
Guess who was at the Mint last night?

Elvis Herselvis , celebrating her birthday.

She wasn't in character, but was totally awesome and sang all different kinds of songs, including "It's Only Make Believe," one of my faves.

I sang "Young Girl" as a birthday tribute.

As well as:
Take Me Home Tonight-Eddie Money
Susan-The Buckinghams
Ruby Tuesday-The Rolling Stones (for michelleann68 who sent me some fabulous cookies.)

I also got a lot of work done on the pending RPS. Two scenes to go folks! I don't have an estimated posting day, but it will be before the new season starts.
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