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Ten Reasons To Be Happy

Because the alternative is a full-blown wallow, and I just don't have the energy for it right now.

Why are you happy today?

1. World Champion San Francisco Giants!
I was just outside and I saw all the people walking down Market St. in orange and black for the victory parade this afternoon. San Francisco is not mourning!

2. Sun shining, birds singing.
Not sure exactly what combination of deities and climate change are responsible, but it's absolutely gorgeous out. I was able to go out jogging in short sleeves. (And lots of sunblock.)

3. California!
Remember that letter I wrote to Jerry Brown? I will be very proud to call him my governor after 8 years of the Governator. Carly Fiorina has FINALLY conceded. Gavin Newsome is Lt. Governor. I may not be all that proud of my country today, but I am very proud to be a Californian.

4. Wells Fargo
Because even though I've managed to lose my ATM card (AGAIN!) and it turns out someone was actually using it yesterday (BASTARD!). The good folks at Wells are putting in a claim for me to get the money back and more important, apparently I can pick up a temporary ATM card today, rather than having to sweat out the whole 7-10 day thing.

5. Great fanfic. Aside from all the lovely stuff written for Come As You're Not, I got a special gift last night from amproof, who wrote some wonderful State of Play/RPF for me, where Cal McCaffrey interviews Robbie Williams.

I know my party attendees are already up to their lovely bums in reading material, but when you get a chance, check this one out as well:

Livejournal link:

A03 link

6. Friends
I had a great night on Halloween with my peeps at the Mint. (Yes, I'm still working on that picspam. You think it's easy trying to airbrush my double chin out of all those pictures?) I'm really, truly, honestly blessed and touched by the number of people in my online life who've reached out during the past few days to help me get through some of this craziness. Special thanks to hllangel, my partner in election night watching and giving hearty STFUs to the most deserving of politicians and pundits alike. (Yes, that would be, pretty much in order: Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'donnell.)

7. Massachusetts, New York, Nevada!
Suck on those Tea-baggers, especially, oh so especially Miss "2nd Ammendment Remedies."

8. I'm moving again.
Slowly mind you. Very very slowly, but I went out for a double loop from Guerrero to Market to Castro and back.

9. I've let go of sugar and red meat again. One day at a time. Trust me, if I ever wanted to fall of every single wagon I've ever been on, last night would have been the time.

Since I'm in "happy mode" at the moment, let's just say I'm looking forward to requesting a fandom or pairing that I might not normally get a chance at and the opportunity to write a fic that makes someone else very happy for the same reasons.
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