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Come As You're Not-Day 4

Day 4-And going strong...or on the verge a complete collapse and eyes falling out our heads, depending on how you look at it.

New party-goers are still arriving in AMAZING costumes, so please take another look at the comments in the Main Party Post. I'm loving the array of "new fandom" costumes that are showing up. DUDE!!! Callahans Bar!!

Tonight's music is brought to us by our special guest DJ-Drunken Hedghog:

That's Life-The Bipolar Come As You're Not Mix

Since the Chelsea Drugstore Geodesic Yurt is set up right in the Heart of The Mission....It's MEXICAN NIGHT. Burritos, tacos, gosh-darn quesadillas AND YES...the whole enchilada!

Leftover Asian food available for those who hate Mexican with a vengeance...however if you reside anywhere outside of San Francisco or possibly Los Angeles, let me postulate that you've never have really good Mexican (as in Mexican-American) food. El Torito does NOT count.

Also thanks to mad_jaks, our dips and munchie supply has been replenished. So feel free to the double-dib the crunchie of your choice into one of our multiple dips. (What is there about Ruffles in an ol skool sour cream and onion soup combo that drives me nuts?)

Keep partying people...but try and grab some sleep too. I'm planning a road trip for tomorrow and I'd rather not lose anyone this year. I'm not sure we ever got all of last years party-goers back...maybe that's why it's a little, you know, *intimate* this year.
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