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More questions from the Interview Meme

Original MEME resides HERE
Come and play.

Questions from recrudescence

1.If you could live in a book, which would it be and why?

Living in Wodehouse-land might be fun, since it remains untouched by any real-world problems.

2. What is something you'd love to do for a living, no matter how impractical?

Anything having to do with dogs. Walking, grooming, training etc.

3.Do you think RSL is ever going to actually get married?
Yes, but not to Gaby.

4. What has been the most tumultuous wank you've ever witnessed/been involved with, in any fandom?

Was there ever any doubt?
Check out the comment chain at House_Wilson, starting with the 3rd comment down. At least I got a cool nickname out of it.

5. Aaaand, because you brought up being seventeen, did you enjoy
high school?

Not a day. Not a minute. Not a second.

Questions from leiascully

01. All-time favorite Hugh Laurie and RSL characters.

Hugh Laurie---it’s a very, very close tie between House and Jools, but I’m going to go with House just because he’s had the opportunity to do so many amazing, wonderful things with it, but my Jools-Lust is a fierce thing as well, based on just the two episodes.

RSL-This is a toughie. I do love Wilson, but based on the American Experience: Eugene O’Neill program, I’m going with Edmund in Long Days Journey Into Night

02.Best song lyric in the world? Not necessarily your favorite, but the cleverest, or most apt, or one that best describes something/everything.

She knows there's no success like failure And that failure's no success at all.

Bob Dylan-Love Minus Zero/No Limit

03. You can change one thing about the House fandom. What is it?

I’d end the shipper wars. I think the best way to do it would be for everyone to have to write bifictionally or against their OTP at least once.

04. If you never did karaoke again (heaven forfend), what hobby would you pick up instead?

I’d try to learn an instrument.

05. Favorite place.

Right here-San Francisco.
Or did you mean something more specific?

Questions from michelleann68

1.If you could serenade your top 4 fantasy men, who would you sing to
and what would you sing them.

Hugh Laurie-You Send Me (Sam Cooke)

Carmine Giovanazzo-Lets Live For Today (Grass Roots) There's a specific part of the lyric I have in mind, by the way.

George Clooney-Come On A My House (Rosemary Clooney)

Bryan Ferry-Star Dust

2. Why movie/play or musical is most like your life and why?
Waiting For Godot.

I'm still waiting for something to happen and it's all pretty absurd.

3. If you were give a million dollars and a year to volunteer (so you
could quit your job and pay the bills) what organization and/or cause
would you work for?
Or maybe just a year working for Democratic party in states where they still need basic party building.

4. If you could have dinner made for you one night, by a chef, what would
you like him/her to prepare, from appetizers to desert?

Here’s the problem…I really can’t eat that much, so I have to pace myself so I’ve still got appetite when the entrée shows up.
I’m not that crazy about salad so we can skip that anyway.
Some kind of bisque or cream soup.
Appetizers-shell fish-oysters, shrimp, mussels.
Entrée-MEAT---probably a steak, but it can be lamb or pork as long as it’s nice and rare and juicy.

But honestly-my perfect meal is really just a cup of New England style clam chowder and about 15 oysters on the half shell.

5. What was your first pet as a kid and what was its name?
A Guinea Pig named Captain Kirk.

Questions from eryslash

1. What was your first slash pairing, and why did you love it so much?

Wow. I’ve KNOWN about slash since almost the first K/S stories in actually paper fanzines, but I don’t know if any of them were my pairings. I was heavily involved in the bizarre and obscure Harry/Johnny fandom, again in printed zines, but I don’t think I wrote any of my own. I actually think H/W is the first slash fandom that I embraced as slash.

2. What was the job of your dreams when you were a child?

Stewardess-I was a fucking idiot, although in my defense there was a certain glamour to it at the time.

3. What's the kind of shop you can't resist?(Ok, this question
might sound odd, but it's 'cause my mum can't resist hardware
shops and I have a thing for stationery shops, so...no, nevermind. Still
sound odd. Sorry.)

Any kind of CD/DVD/Bookstore, especially used.

4. What's your favourite play?

The Lion In Winter

5. Can you tell the difference among nerd, geek and dork, and what are
you the most like?

Nerds are smart, but socially challenged.
Geeks are so smart that they can parlay their necessity into social status.
Dorks are unintelligent and unappealing.

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