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Come As You're Not-Day 7

This is it guys, our last day together, but certainly not your last chance to read the fics. I know it's a LOT of stories and some of you have (haha) real lives. So take your time if you need to, but please make sure to leave a goody for as many of the attendees as possible. (Even if you're unfamiliar with the fandom...there's always Wiki.)

Drink and eat up! Leftovers from all the previous dinners and few extra shipments of candy, sweets and booze. Ret-con is available for anyone who wants or needs it, or wishes to does anyone else. Make up care packages to take home as well. The Brain Bleach fountain will be open for an extra hour due to the switch to Day Light Savings.

Limos will be leaving the yurt for your departing flights shortly after midnight.

Please make sure I have your sizes and color requests for your

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Thanks to everyone who's participated in any of the parties over the past five years. It's been amazing and you guys have shown up in some truly astonishing costumes. I hope you've enjoyed coming as you're not as much as I have.

And for our final night, here's the last play-list...

In the words of Keith Olbermann, quoting Edward R. Murrow:

Good Night and Good Luck
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