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Meanwhile, back in the real world....

One thing I did during my week off was to go see my regular doctor about my itchies. She referred me to a dermatologist who turned out to be named Alice Do. Which given her specialty, meant that her card read: Alice. Do, DO.

OK, I thought it was funny.


Latest word from MSNBC is that Keith will be back on Tuesday. That must have been a verrrrrrrry interesting weekend for all concerned. The same Conservatives who were cackling about MSNBC wanting to get rid of Keith are now saying the fix was in all along and this just proves lack of journalistic credibility at the Network. THIS from folks who are permanently mesmerized by Fixed Noise.


Hubby and I finally got around to watching Ken Burns' Baseball-The Tenth Inning which contained a lot of Keith in his "Sports Guy" role, which is always awesome as well as quite a bit about Barry Bonds (sigh) and angst from Giants fans about them not winning the World Series since moving to San Francisco. (Obviously the show was made and broadcast before the most recent world series.) I hope they all made it to see the glory of last week.


We still have no idea who won the Supervisor elections in most of San Francisco. I voted for this guy, but only because of the puppy.


Very quiet weekend, since hubby had a cold and was not up for much of anything but lying on the couch knitting and watching movies.
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