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Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be Travel Agents.

Fun things I've dealt with today...

Apparently there's a bit of rain on the East Coast. Therefore flights are being delayed and canceled. One of my limo companies decided to just call a bunch of passengers and say they were canceling the reservations and that the passengers should call when the arrived at JFK and the car would be there in five minutes.

First of all...NO! Just NO! Unless you know the flight has been canceled - you go. If it's been delayed, you monitor the freaking flight and show up with a sign at baggage claim the way I reserved it.

You do not leave a message on my problem child's cell phone where you say you've canceled the pick-up and don't make it clear that you've got cars at the airport and can pick her up in five minutes, especially when she's traveling with her daughter.

BUT--you still don't do it, because if you've ever been out on that island at JFK with the Limos and the Taxi-cabs, you know it's a goddamned ZOO and she wanted you there at baggage claim with a sign, so that's where you're supposed to be.

Then I get a call from the HOTEL NEXT DOOR and they say that because a group from the LA office, that I had nothing do with , hasn't paid their bill, the HOTEL NEXT DOOR is about to cut off our direct bill agreement, just as we're going into recruiting season.

And even more hotel fun...
The Law Firm I'm staffed at has discounts with various hotels.
The Agency I'm employed by also has discounts. Sometimes the Agency discount is better than the Law Firm discount, BUT the Law Firm wants us to book their discount for contract purposes. So now we need to get special approval to save the Law Firm money by getting a better discount.

Is it any wonder I don't want to get out of bed in the morning?

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to get my ass in gear and try and make some money doing some kind of writing be it smut or the "real stuff," because I don't know how much more of the this I can take. She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake.

AND some House babble musing with a few spoilers if you're not through the end of Season 3 yet. H/W lovers may wish to avoid.

It occurred to me yesterday that Cameron is becoming Wilson.

There was always a sense that Wilson's marriage was "cheating" on House, and he was very much defined by his sexuality, starting with Fidelity, if not sooner. I'm putting aside the question of whether he was cheating on Julie or not.

Wilson has been completely (IMAO) castracted since House V God. He has no sexuality and is pathetically and apparently hopelessly in love with House. (Sound familiar?) He's been out and out rejected at least twice. "People instead of pills" and "Pizza with a friend."

Meanwhile, starting with "I think we should have sex," Cameron has been defined by her sexuality and is cheating on House (whether he wants her or not.) He may not have reacted to the janitor's closet, but he's take enough notice to question her and bring it up to Cuddy. Whether we like it or not, he did kiss back in Half-Wit. I even see Cam's quitting as similar, if not equivalent to the Wilson walk-out from Merry Little Christmas, and about as likely to stick.

Wilson's comment about "you would so have fallen for that three years ago," means she is getting she's more like him, in terms of NOT falling for House-shit, whereas Wilson seems to be devolving. He really thought House wanted to Foreman to stay, but the end of Human Error indicated otherwise.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but in the PBOAPB category, I think it can all be used as H/Cam fodder, especially if Jenn does come back but House isn't Cam's boss anymore taking away one of the sticking points. The more Wilson-y she is, the more Dave&Katie might think they can unleash their H/Cam dreams on the world and not get swept away by the chorus of livid H/W Truefen.

I think the backlash will be something fierce if it happens, but I honestly think this is all part of the groundwork.

Yeah, I've seen the spoilers. No, I don't think they change anything.
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