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House Babble for Office Politics

I'll keep it short, but not particularly sweet.

Loved him back in the Dyansty days. Loved him on Heroes. Loved reading his TWoP blog. I honestly think the man is made of awesome, and I'm inclined to give anything he does the benefit of the doubt. So you may or may not take this as a biased opinion.

I thought his performance and the scenes focusing on the PoTW were excellent. Good writing. Exceptional acting. Awesome snark. The scene with New Girl where he cuts her to shreds and his big scene with House, made me happy all over. Somebody, please get this man his own series or at least some more high-profile guest shots.

The plot itself was amusing for we political junkie types, especially with the Sharon Engle-like commerical at the beginning, and the political chicanery going on in the "election." Luckily no one was assaying the role of the repellent current Governor of NJ.

And then there was everything else.

Guess what David and Katie, I am NOT going to embrace 13 upon her inevitable return, just because you create a replacement character who reminds me of the worst of Cameron's early days ONLY times 10 and without the charm. Feh and double feh. No your little Mary Sue is NOT a young House, nor is she a young Cuddy. She's just boring little Amber Tamblyn who annoyed the hell out of me back on General Hospital and does not in anyway impress me now.

I don't care why Taub was being a dick. I thought that was just Taub being Taub and reminding why I don't like him and never will.

What was up with that stupid and pointless basketball game? Did Omar and Peter show up in Shore's office to bitch about have less and less screentime due to the gaping black hole of suckitude that is H/Cuddy? As I so often feel the need to address Miss Edelstein, I say to these two actors, "Be careful what you wish for."

Yet another political story with a gay fake-out. Another derogatory gay reference from House.

ETA-On re-watch, I think the way Jack looks at the TV set in the last scene, leaves the idea out there that there may have been something between Dugan and the candidate.

One Wilson appearance at the 48 minute mark and I'd say he was onscreen for less than five minutes, with no blatant H/W to feed the fangirls. I loved it and could completely read hints of old school H/W, including Wilson's ambivalence about House/Cuddy and the possibility of H/W sex going on between scenes...and them never talking about it, or acting like it means anything. I wonder is RSL was hiding out to cover his shame over last week's humiliation.

Another show where Cuddy's boobs are practically being thrust into the camera and it becomes more and more obvious that H/Cuddy is eroding House's character. At no point did I believe he was REALLY firing New Girl or that he wouldn't soften towards her in the end. I blame this firmly on H/Cuddy. For the fake relationship to work, House can't be House. So he isn't.

I can only hope that Cuddy's super slo-mo walk of despair at the end singles good things, like the complete and total eradication of this misbegotten "relationship."

OK, maybe it wasn't that short either.(But Taub still is and that basketball game was totally bogus.

I will give the writers one addition point for having Chase say "queue" instead of line. Good on ya, mates.

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