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Another "great" moment at the Desk of Doom

Our Law Firm has one Client who is very cost conscious...as in CHEAP BASTARDS! This account is so frugal that they have really strict limits on what the attorneys can spend on hotels. In Pittsburgh, the max is $139.00 per night. They have a rate of $139.00 at the Marriott PIttsburgh Airport in Coraopolis (which I think would make a great name for a Greek Stripper, but I digress). However when I called yesterday the entire property was sold out, so I booked another airport at the client rate of $61.00 per night.

Today the admin called and said she'd phoned the hotel directly and they had one room available for $249.00 which she wanted me to reserve. I reminded her of the rules and she said the attorney was willing to pay the difference. I started to say that I would check that with lead attorney, since I could just see her "forgetting" to pay the difference and me getting reamed out for not following the guidelines.

The admin said, and I quote: "You don't need to check anything. You just need to book the room like I'm telling you to."

OH HONEY!!!! I booked the hotel, but I am also going to rat her ass out to the Travel Manager like you would not believe.


It was lovely to have Keith back last night. His opening was so adorable and it didn't look or sound to me like he was offering any apologies or walk-backs, except maybe to the Worst Persons guy. I thought Michael Moore was going to swoon.
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