karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Coming to you live from Jury Duty!

Hopefully I'll just hang around here for a few hours using the County's lovely free wifi, then they'll kick me loose and I'll be off the hook for another year. The rule here is one day or one jury.

Just to discourage anyone from thinking I'd be good jury material, I'm wearing an attractive red and black Southern Comfort cap that I picked up at the Mint last night for participating in the Buckin' Idol contest.

I was dressed in black jeans, black Sex Bomb t-shirt, black velvet rock star shirt and highish heels. The hair was more or less behaving. I sang "Rocky Top". The arrangement was faster than the one I used get off the Pioneer Laser Disk, but I thought I sounded much better than last time.

Didn't make the top four. :(

The ones who really pissed me off were technically good singers who didn't even do anything resembling country music. "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. Hah!

Congratulations to blueashke who kicked ass with "Independence Day," so yeah, the Diva thing, but she's awesome and I love her and she totally deserves to win the sing off and sing at the Gay Rodeo.

I need to find one Country Diva song I can nail and see if it makes any difference.

In the meantime I've got the next few hours away from the Desk Of Doom to work on smut without interruption from Limo Hell.
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