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Dear Yuletide Author

Thanks to you right off the bat for being part of the awesomeness that is yuletide.

If you look at around my LJ at all two things will become very clear very quickly. I love smut and I love angst. Dark and sad and angsty are all good. You don't have to write hard-core if you're not comfortable with it, but I certainly am.

I'll reiterate in the notes below, but when it comes to RPF, I have NO PROBLEM with the inclusion of significant others whether they are celebrities in their own right or not.

If we're being matched for either Dynasty or To Live and Die in LA, I'm doubly thrilled to know there's someone out there offering to write in these fandoms.

On to the details:



I LOVE Alexis and Dex like crazy. I think they were hot as hell and had one of the greatest, sexiest relationships ever on screen. I love how they challenged each other and drove each other nuts. However, I'm also a massive Jack Coleman fan these post-Heroes days and of course a slasher. I'd love to see something that incorporates both Alexis/Dex and Dex/Steven. I realize this could cross some fairly squicky lines for some people, so please only go as far as you're comfortable with, but if it went really far into the incest zone, I wouldn't object. I figure Steven's got enough Mommy AND Daddy issues to make almost any combination fair game. The only thing I wouldn't want is to see Dex out and out rejecting Alexis, rather than finding a way to have both OR let Steven down easily if it needs to play out that way.


To Live and Die in LA

OMG-if you are a fellow fan of this movie, I love you already. My favorite character is that BAMF Richard Chance, so he's got to be involved. Het or slash is fine. Feel free to explore his fucked up relationship with Rick Masters, either in fantasy or reality, or his use and abuse of pretty much anyone else in his life. Maybe his first time with Ruth or something to show Vukovich just how much in charge he is. Backstory sex with Jim Hart? Feel free to make it as nasty and kinky as the movie itself. Dub con is certainly a possibility.



Bill Bailey/Jimmy Carr/Jo Brand/Phil Jupitus

I'd like something a little off the beaten path here. Much as I love Stephen and Alan, I'd like to see some of the other regulars interacting with each other. Maybe some back-stage snark or an adventure/romance away from the show itself. Feel free to include Alan or Stephen, just not with each other. Bonus points for getting Jo some love.

These are my four faves so if you want to work with them and leave Stephen/Alan out all together, that's fine, or have any of them with either Stephen or Alan, that's fine too. This season, I've also gotten really enamored of the weird chemistry between Ross Noble and Sean Lock.

I reallyreally love Jimmy, so if can get him in there, that would be most awesome, but again, you have a fairly large canvass to work with. As always, to me Real Life means Real Life. No one
is off limits, and if there's a bit of angst a long the way, I'll be very hapy.


Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann/Anderson Cooper/Ana Marie Cox

OK, first of all, I'll be really happy with anything involving almost anybody in the Pundit-verse, although my "home" in MSNBC and I'd like to see either Rachel or Keith as a main character.

IF you're at all interested in do something like this, I would really love to see a high-school AU featuring Rachel with Kent Jones and/or Richard Engle as the gay best friend, and all the others such as Ana Marie Cox, Melissa Harris Lacewell, Keith, Chris, Anderson and the Fake News crowd as either teachers or students as you deem appropriate.

However, I know AU is not everybody's thing and I'd certainly understand that idea not working for you...in that case, either Keith or Rachel centric fic, involving as many of the other "players" from all the networks as you want. I ship Keith/Rachel and have no problem het-shipping Rachel, but again if that doesn't work for you, it can be friendship fic, femslash with Ana Marie or Melissa, or angsty smut featuring Keith with Rachel, Anderson, Stephen Colbert etc.

Feel free to incorporate as much real life as you like, including significant others and all the political craziness of the last two years and the personal things (Keith's dad, the recent donations brou-ha-ha, the March to Restore Sanity) as you like.

Thanks again, you wonderful, wonderful, wonderful person.
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