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House Babble for A Pox On Our House

This episode isn't worth the time I spent watching it or the time I'm going to spend writing about it or the time you're going to spend reading this, if you do.

At least we actually saw him this week for more than five minutes. And what did we see. One "House talks to Wilson as a sounding board and gets back passive-aggressive Pro-House/Cuddy bullshit" scene. Then we got Wilson and Sam, who after this episode is clearly Mary Sam, and a cute little bald-headed girl, who I suspect was intended to remind us of Andie, but didn't have a tenth of the charm.

Wilson sees his Mary Sam bonding with Cancer Girl and all of sudden starts hearing his Biological Clock ticking and actually suggests to Mary Sam that she should get pregnant. AND SHE DOESN'T SMACK HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD to which I call a loud, long BULLLLLLLLSHIT!

It's not bad enough that everything about House/Cuddy neuters House, no matter how much sex they show or imply, but they're also determined to de-ball Wilson. It started the minute they tried to convince us that his first marriage broke up because how Sam put the milk in the refrigerator or how she loaded dishes in the dishwasher. AGAIN-BULLLLLLSHIT!

My paranoid bitching of a paranoid bitch is that making Wilson sexless is a way to walk back from all the H/W fanservice they were doling out over the last few years, even when they were simultaneously playing bait and switch. Presumably if we remember Fidelity and "Debbie In Accounting" and think of Wilson as a sexual being, we'll remember that he's a serial cheater and fully capable of all the sexual activity with HOUSE that St. Doris and others teased us with for all those years.

I would never have written Hugh & Bobby RPS if the characters had been like this. It's hard to even imagine RSL having sex with anyone at this point.

The only OVERT H/W in the show was House's comment to Cuddy that he didn't want her to worry, and that's why he didn't want HER to know about the possible small-pox exposure, and that's why didn't want WILSON to know. He acknowledges that Wilson would be as worried or even more worried than Cuddy. Maybe he's even equating the relationship?

The rest is garbage. Mostly recycled Euphoria. The only thing worse than Mary Sam is Doogie Sue. No, I still don't like her.

Hardly any Chase this week. I guess they were lamp-shading it by having House wonder where Chase was. I know it's just Hugh Laurie doing schtick, but the Jedi Mind tricks gave me a smile as did an Australian reference.

The Dutch computer sex girl was a fun bit. Cheap laughs, but not outrageously annoying.

Didn't care about the patients. You can pump up the music and show stricken faces all you want. Unless you give me a reason to give a shit about the patient, I won't. I'm trying to remember the last time I actually cared about a patient dying on this show.

Dylan Baker is a good character actor, but making him the officious CDC guy was a waste. Go back to the bullpen and get some high-profile guest stars. Jack Coleman was a good start. There's plenty of others out there.

If they're going to do all of us a favor and end House/Cuddy then do it. Don't tease me.
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