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Jury Duty update. And some Tour de France stuff

How small is this town? Guess who else was there? Manny B. one of my karaoke kronies going way, way back. He hadn't brought a lap-top or a book or a magazine or puzzle book or ANYTHING. I would have gone NUTS!!! We talked a little bit and then I went back to my laptop, feeling slightly guilty for not chatting more. Later I spotted him nodding out, so maybe that was his solution.

At about 1115AM, we both were in the group that called up to the 6th floor, the Courtroom of the honorable Tomar Mason, who bore a slight resemblance to Bebe Neuwirth, although with the bench and the robe, I didn't get to see her legs for comparison. She said they had a trial that was going to go till the end of August and I'm thinking NO WAY, JOSE!!!

We had the option to fill out a jury questionaire or a hardship form and I think you know which way I went. Manny got out first and stuck out his tongue on me on the way out. I was afraid I might not get approved to get out, but I did. I went back to the holding pen, but they didn't have any more cases, so I was DIS-MISSED!!! Of the hook for another year...and back to the Desk Of Doom, although first I tried to get a sandwich which is a little tricky at about 1230PM in the middle of the financial district on an absolutely spectacularly sunny day.

Things have been pretty quiet although a few of my problem children are being their naughty selves. I had a little tiff with Tobie because her idea of working my queue is to remove anything that doesn't need to be ticketed immediately and I use my queues to keep everything in front of me so I don't forget anything. It's unwieldy, but it's how I am. I just don't trust that things will magically pop back into queue when they're supposed to.

So if ANYTHING doesn't get ticketed in the next two months...it's her fault.

After the Buckin' Idol thing last night, I went home and stayed up until nearly 2 in the AM watching my Tour Tivo. A Frenchman finally got a stage win, Rasmussen (nickname: Chicken) held on to the Yellow Jersey (and the polka-dots) and Boonen has the green. While I was in the courtroom NOT supposed to be talking I noticed the guy next to me reading some kind of Tour Magazine and started a conversation about how upset I was that Robbie McEwen was out of the race. (He's this awesome Aussie sprinter that my RPS Jesse likes.) The only upside of this is that an American rider from Emeryville named Freddie Rodriguez has the chance to try and win some stages for himself, which I mentioned and the guy told me that Freddy crashed in today's stage. SHIT!

That still leaves Levi Leipheimer (from Santa Rosa) who I like, but like less now that he's on Discovery. Sorry, I still have a certain amount of resentment left over from the Lance days.
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