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Why why why?

Do I go out of my way to make myself miserable?
I did a ticket for Donna's husband last week. (Personal)
She gave me her credit card and I very carefully put it in the record.
And I thought I took the company card out of the record, so the personal
ticket couldn't possible end up on the company card. Guess what?
Naturally accounting didn't discover this until it was too late to void the ticket and there's no way to change form of payment and the airline wouldn't give me a waiver. I've spent all day obsessing about finding some way to fix this so that I wouldn't have to tell Donna, because I think she hates me anyway and is looking for reasons to get me out of here. Also one of the major bugaboos in my life is admitting it when I screw up. I can't stand the idea of having my shortcomings exposed. Even though I know I suck, I want everyone to think I'm awesome. Finally, after annoying everyone at the airline that I possibly could, the best they could offer me was to change the form of payment after the travel which meant there was no way to keep my dirty little secret a secret.
So I just now slunk into Donna's office and told her what happened and she was like "don't worry about it. I'll just re-imburse the company." Now this may be a sign of her back-stabbing two-facedness, but for the time being it just means that I spent a sleepless night and a cranky day whining, pissing, moaning and obsessing about NOTHING.

Happy San Francisco Earth Quake day and Happy House day.
I can't imagine anything as good as last weeks Tuxedo-fest, but I'm willing to be surprised. I'm working on an H/W fic but it feels practically generic, so I'll let Beta-Goddess Carol machete it into shape or tell me that it's just not worth it.
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