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Could it be? Yes it could! More Interview MEME questions.

Something's coming, something good.

And the MEME is still HERE

Questions from ignazwisdom

1. What is your favorite of your own stories? (I know, I know -- but if
someone held a gun to your head. Think Sophie's Choice, here.)

I think it’s gotta be Like A Hurricane , the 2nd Hugh&Bobby RPS, where Beta Goddess Carol and I really started hitting our stride with what we wanted to do with the characters.

For pure fanfic…it’s hard. There’s stuff about all the big pieces that I really love. Since you brought up Sophie’s Choice, I’ll go with It Don't Mean A Thing . I worked DAMN hard on that one, and I think I came up with a reasonable backstory, just the right amount of angst and a somewhat plausible “happy” ending.

2. How long have you been running seriously, and how did you get into it?

First of all the words “running” and “seriously” have very little to do with each other where I am concerned. Blame on my friend Ivan. We worked together at Getz and he was training with SF FIT for the San Francisco Marathon in 1994 or 1995, I think. We did the Bay To Breakers together in May and in July, I waited to see him finish the Marathon. The enthusiasm and the excitement and people cheering were something I wanted for myself, so I started training for my first marathon.

3. Do you have any bulletproof kinks, fanfic-wise?

I assume you mean something will ALWAYS push my buttons, even in a not-great story, or one featuring a pairing or even a fandom I’m not necessarily fond of?

That would be hot talk, even to the extent of verbal abuse. Something about that just….gets me!

And of course my old beloved standby ---HATE!SEX. (So if you’re shopping for my birthday present…)

4. Do you ever think the show will give us House/Wilson? If yes, in what

Sort of a trick question, as I do believe they’ve at least implied some level of canon slash and certainly canon love, even if it’s longing on Wilson’s part and obsessive jealousy on House’s starting with Fidelity all the way to Fools For Love. As for actual acknowledgement of anything physical…now we’re back to PBOAPB and Half-Wit. Cuddy got an ass-grab, Cam got a kiss (he did kiss back, whatever else transpired), Chase got a hug. Wilson got completely and utterly rejected. Aside from shoulder walking, we haven’t gotten anything resembling physical contact since…what…the hand-taping? You’ve already read my thoughts about that. Did he even let Wilson help him up after the 2nd cane-break? Conversely, I don’t think they’ll ever stop with the teasing that was still happening in Top Secret or the emotional intensity of Family.

Sooooooo….no, but yes, but yes, but no.

5. Any regrets?

Regrets, I’ve have a few, but then again to few to mention. I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption.

Questions from lifebecomesart

1.What would you choose as a new nickname for yourself (as in something
people would say irl not an online nick)?

Most of the nicknames for my given name suck. At one point I was called “Mimi”. (Shudder)
I wouldn’t mind being called by my initials, since I use them as my email signature anyway.

2. What is your favorite snack food?

Jelly Bellys. Love/Hate relationship. They are so bad for me and I wake up with sugar hangovers. I can go for months without touching, but when the call comes…very hard to say no.

3. What is the dorkiest thing about you?

Inability to wear high heels.

4. Would you rather have wet socks or water in your ears?

Ewwwwwwww. Yuck. I guess the water in my ears, but that’s just a horrible choice right there.

5. What would you cook for Doctor Wilson if he came over for dinner?

Roast Chicken and baked potatoes. I pour a small can of tomato juice over the chicken, along with the herbs and spices. Wrap it in tinfoil, wrap the potatoes and throw the whole thing in the oven. That gives me about an 1 ½ alone with the good doctor to work up an appetite…playing Trivial Pursuit…or whatever…and then when he’s really hungry, the odor starts wafting in.

Questions from moondragonkaga

1. Where is your favorite place to go to just get away from it all and
relax for a while?

Various answers…a nice hot bath, Mint on a weekday afternoon, Dolores Park, Maui.

2. What got you into karaoke?

I love to sing and I crave public validation desperately. The Mint is walking distance from my apartment so it all just came together.

3. On original writing: do you find it easier to think of a plot and then
create characters to fit the plot, or create the characters and then
think of a plot that suits the characters?

Characters first. Especially since most of my original work has been in the murder mystery genre. First I decided who I was going to kill and then I needed to invent a character to solve the crime. Everything flowed from that.

4. What was your first fandom and what attracted you to it?

Star Trek. Original series. My mother was a total Trekkie and I went to cons and stuff with her.

5. Random question of the bunch: Which do you prefer, analog or digital

I hate watches. Just another thing to lose and in a world of cell-phones and computers, who needs it?
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