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House Babble for Small Sacrifices

15 Offensive or Questionable Things About Tonight’s House MD Episode-Compiled with michelleann68 and evila_elf.

1. House dancing without a cane.
2. Rehashing House V. God. Badly
3. Doogie Sue being unsupervised
4. House and Wilson displaying a complete lack of chemistry, even in the cutesy stuff.
5. Cuddy’s blue dress doing NOTHING to flatter Lisa E’s body at all.
6. The entire Taub/Mrs. Taub/Online Friend plot.
7. Wilson deciding to make the same mistake. Again
8. Cuddy’s out of nowhere Six Day Marriage
9. Lisa E’s breasts needing their own credit.
10. The rehashed patient not being a tenth as interesting as Boy Faith Healer.
11. Taub’s very existence.
12. The fact that Cuddy wants House to be her “date,” even though they are essentially broken up.
13. Casanova Chase
14. House is the Devil.
15. RSL waiting until the last five minutes to remember he can act.

And worst of all, House actually manages to break up Sam and Wilson. The show looks like we’re right back to the end of Sex Kills (which means H/W sexytiems) and instead House opts for Cuddy.

What the fuckety fucking fuck? Even House doesn't look the least bit happy about it.

See you in a few weeks!
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