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Titillating tidbits

Farewell to a Porn King

Today's Jon Carroll column Interview with Scarlot Harlot regarding sex workers, laws, society etc.

And an editorial advocating a ban on homework.
Where was this broad when I was in school?

Hey you guys are lucky I'm not festooning you with daily articles about the Oakland garbage lock out. And you really don't care that we had an EARTHQUAKE here last night? Do you?

I slept through it. You need more than 4.2 to wake me up.

Heading home. For those of you I haven't whinged or whined to yet...I'm almost done with the first draft of the new RPS. One scene to go and I'm already over 10,000 words. Beta Goddess Carol is sharpening her machete, and I'm struggling to find a KEL worthy of the name.

Good, angsty, smutty vibes will be appreciated.

Enjoy Harry.
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