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Post Thanksgiving Pimp Post

The "Walks Into A Bar" Ficathon Masterlist is here. Click on over and find a fabulous bunch of improbable crossovers, including the totally delicious Dance Lessons, where Diana from White Collar meets Jack Harkness.


Torchwood/Dr. Who

Your Life, Forever by sevendeadlyfun

Nice angsty post-CoE Jack. Very much real!Jack, and ALL ABOUT THE DOCTOR.


Life On Mars

Bent As A Fish Hook by severinne
OMG!!! Hot hot hot! Sick and twisted and angsty, but veryvery hot. Not recommended for fluff-bunnies at all, but with plenty of subtextual Sam/Gene even while the Gene/Warren stuff is unfolding.


State of Play

Five Times Dan Kissed Della by mikes_grrl

What is says on the tin. And embarrassingly, something that I'm just getting to now from LAST YEAR'S Yuletide.

Quite a sweet fic, but very true to the tone of the show and the character's relationships. Very nice treatment of Post-show Cal and a nice depiction of Cameron as well.


Some Like It Hot

A Perfect Honeymoon by Delilah_Joy

This could really be the poster child for everything that is awesome and wonderful about Yuletide. It's a lovely, brilliantly written, awesomely gender-queer, and totally romantic fic about....Osgood and Daphne's wedding night. The kind of thing that it's hard to imagine being written without a venue like Yuletide.

Check it out. Seriously.

Community Pimpage

PPTH SUPPORT-The Unusal Suspects

This is the place for House Fic where a supporting character, guest star, or even drive-by appearance is the main focus.

This week's Drabble Challenge is Que Sera Sera.


Speaking of Drabbles Torchwood 100 is a drabble community with weekly prompts and a nice convivial atmosphere. Come and join the drabbly fun.


And just a reminder that there is a place for those who LOVE writing Torchwood and are aware that there's more to the fandom than one ship.
This is a community for all things Torchwood: fic, vids, art, icons, graphics, with one major exception: no Jack/Ianto allowed.
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