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Well that was frightening!

I was trying to log in from the Desk Of Doom and I was convinced that the IT department had been monitoring me and were blocking LJ, which meant I was totally screwed because they knew just how badly I was violating the "Technology Use Policy" agreement.

Strangely enough, I KNEW there was a power outage situation going on because the Staples store on the corner of California and Battery was closed because of it, although nothing else seemed to be affected. Traffic lights were operating and my office had no problems.

Not much else to report, except the usual weirdness, such walking to the Bart Station yesterday and seeing a man on roller blades, carrying a very large metal ladder who asked me how close he was to South Van Ness.

Also that out of nowhere, and practically by osmosis, I've developed Barrow-mania. So far I've only seen a few of the Torchwood clips (yeah, the guy kissing) on You Tube, as well as some singing/dancing clips. Last night I bought his Cole Porter album at Virgin and listened to it while walking to work this AM. When he sang "and me undressed you like" in "Anything Goes," I nearly swooned.

I'm actually happy about this. A nice fluffy, pretty-boy, addiction is just what I need right now. I've tried to start reading the smut, but the first one I tackled was awful. Sigh---I guess bad smut!writing inhabits all fandoms, but I shall try again.

And speaking of bad smut. I won't name names or pairings or even take it to fanficrants, but I was reading some promising House!smut and things were moving along nicely and then the "good stuff" kicked in, and within about three paragraphs I encountered:

1. Sticking his tongue down his throat.
2. He'd never felt so turned on in his life.
3. And for the trifecta....The cane clattered to the floor.
(And no, they weren't trying to write a deliberately bad!fic either, unless it was done far too subtly for my pea-brain to figure out.)

I was sooooo tempted to post a link to the famous "Clattering Cane" fic that I thought or at least hoped had stamped out that cliche once and for all. Except I can't find it. If anyone has it, let me know.
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