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Go Cornhuskers!

I just had a lovely lady named Heather from a hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska who was kind enough to reverse a no-show charge. One of those things where the admin insists she called to cancel and the floater who was working that day didn't cancel it and to have it dealt with internally I would have had to throw the floater under the much abused metaphorical bus.

It took a few days for anyone to call me back, but she did and I told her my tale of woe...BLAMMO! Taken care of.

God does indeed protect drunks, fools and travel agents.

Considering this was the same day when I reached into my jacket pocket to get my glasses, and found them in two pieces...I needed to catch at least one break today.


If you didn't see the Colbert Report yesterday...you must! Dan Savage telling Stephen exactly what "pegging" is.


Waves at "fans."

Good to know I'm still living rent-free in your minds and that something as benign as a few drabbles can set off such a frothing hate-fest.
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