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30 Days of House MD

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 2 - Your favorite character on the team seasons 1-3


He generally got better lines, got more diagnosis correct, and let's face it, the boy is very, very pretty.

Tricky question. Because when I was watching the episodes as they were broadcast, I went through a period of Cameron-hatred, probably based on the uglier side of my H/W shipping. However, in retrospect, specifically after THE HORROR OF 13, I feel a great deal more forgiving and favorable when watching the same episodes in repeat or on DVD.

Obviously Chase had his less lovable moments as well, especially during the Vogler arc and then again during the worst of Season 3-Part II. I did NOT think his pursuit of Cameron was the least bit endearing, although her attitude didn't help either. However, I was always inclined to love Chase more, partially as a result of the guilty-pleasure fanfic I was reading for Wilson/Chase and House/Chase.

So on the whole, and taking into account both my reactions during the original broadcast period and in hind-sight, it's Chase.

Foreman, I'm sorry to say, isn't even in the running.
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