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Everything is about House! Tour de France, Barry Bonds etc

Despite being right here in San Francisco, I’ve avoided mentioning Barry Bonds. For one thing I’m not that much of a baseball fan. My sport is American Football, although I’ve picked up a bit on Soccer and professional cycling over the last few years. But Barry-mania is pretty hard to avoid right now.

My feeling is “let’s get this thing over with,” because the team sucks anyway. It’s pretty obvious Barry used something and that he’s more or less going to get away with it.

I could generally care less, except Barry pissed me off by dissing my man Bob Costas. I LOVE BOB COSTAS. I miss “Later,” so much all these years…well later. I miss him on NFL Today (“Big doings in the NFL this week. Juice, your thoughts?) Just love the guy to death. Not so much with the wanting to do him anymore, but for a lot of years there…Bobby baby, Bobby bubbe, if ya know what I mean. Anyway, in the paper today…
Bonds derides Costas

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, speaking to HBO’s Bob Costas in a show that aired Tuesday, said the refusals of Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire to address steroids are tantamount to admissions they used performance enhancing drugs.

Bonds’ response?

“You mean that little midget man who absolutely knows absolutely jacks---- about baseball who never played the game before?” Bonds said to handful of reporters before Wednesday nights’ game. “You can tell Bob Costas what I called him.”



Anyone who has ever heard or seen Bob Costas talk about baseball, especially in the Ken Burns’ series or any other time or place will tell you that BOB KNOWS BASEBALL and more importantly BOB LOVES BASEBALL.

Oh God that pissed me off!

I have mentioned my Tour De France watching a few times. I come home after work and immediately watch the TiVo of that that day’s stage. Some of you went through it with me last year, when I was happy to be rid of Lance and especially enthused over the Floyd Landis victory. Most of you know how that turned out. Short version-he got busted for testosterone, completely denies it and no-one believes him.

In the last two days, two of the major riders have been thrown out of the race. Alexander Vinokurov for testing positive for blood-doping and Michael Rasmussen for not being where he said he was when he was supposed to be taking a blood test.

Naturally all this does is make me think of House episodes. Because EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HOUSE!!!

Barry Bonds-Sports Medicine
Tour de France-Spin.

One of the really cool things about House is that (at least until Season 3) they were really good at doing ambiguity. (Not counting Vogler.) People were allowed to do bad things and not be completely evil. Hank Wiggan in Sports Medicine, uses steroids, (Your lips say no, your prunes say yes.) smokes pot and is still (I think) fairly sympathetic. (Lola still loves him.)

Sports Medicine is also the ep where we actually SEE the pain on House’s face when Wilson claims he can’t go to the Monster Trucks because of the Oncology Dinner, only to be caught lying. And as a H/W shipper I stand firm in my conviction that the pain was only tangentially about seeing Stacy and most completely about Wilson rejecting him.

Then in the 2nd season we come to Spin and Jeff Forster, who I think is pretty unsympathetic (the thing with the agent sucks) but almost gets a pass because Cameron on her high-horse is so annoying by comparison.

Spin is another UR-H/W ep, because even while House is being obsessed with Stacy, Wilson is going around saying things like “If love's based on lies, does that mean it's not a real feeling? Doesn't bring the same pleasure?” so obviously that even Cameron knows something is up.

Again blatant H/W canon, especially later on, which we can all recite like a mantra, and which I’ll come to in moment.

There was also this tidbit in yesterday’s paper from a Mark Morford column titled No one knows how love works.

“Oh, and one more: infidelity. Oh yes. Here perhaps the most fascinating topic of all, the soul’s dirty little secret, the hottest of love’s hot buttons. Because maybe you used to look at adultery and say, “Oh my God, no way, it’s just so wrong, horrible, hurtful, dangerous.” Maybe it was even your absolute rule. Unassailable. You simply do not cheat. Do not wander. Not ever. No no no no no.

Except yes. Except when you get to know someone – or perhaps multiple someones – and for whatever unexpected reason and unquantifiable mutation of love and body and life, it becdomes actually understandable. Justifiable. Encouraged, even. Still painful, hurtful, dangerous? Yes. But if you’re honest, your boundaries will shift. Your definitions will blur. And what’s more, you realize that this is how it has to be.”

What was that you said, Dr. Wilson?

(The congregation will now recite.)

My wife wasn't dying, she wasn't even sick. Everything was fine. I met someone who... made me feel... funny. Good. And I didn't want to let that feeling go.

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