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30 Days of House MD

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 8 - Your least favorite episode

One Day, One Room.


NEVER was an episode given a more appropriate nickname.

Here was my opinion at the time

We've had a few episodes since then that have been badly written, wasted potential or just seemed to be completely out of character, but I still think this one is the absolute worst piece of shit ever shown in the guise of a House MD episode.

I think the biggest problem is WHEN it happened. This was the first episode after the end of the Tritter arc. I know we all suffered a lot during that period. It was painful to watch. For anyone with hopes of "happy" House/Wilson, Merry Little Christmas was brutal. However, in retrospect it really did spell out the impossibility of fluffy House/Wilson and solidified what we knew about the characters and their relationship. The most important thing was the way it ended with Words and Deeds and those crucial words "Nothing's changed."

I took those words as a promise. We would get the characters back and the show would continue as it should have. House/Wilson subtext. Snarky humor. Interesting cases. Chemistry between FCC and the possibility of a doomed House/Cameron affair with attendant H/W angst.

Instead we immediately got this loathesome piece of shit in which we were treated to the repulsive sight of House presumably feeling empathy for this wretched "character" we call SRV.

I said it then. I've said for four years. I say it today. House lied. He was not abused, beaten or any such thing. John was a cold father, and he might have been emotionally withholding. But ever fucking word that House said to SRV to try and "connect" with her was a lie.

However, I as person who was emotionally invested in the Greg House I fell in love with, am still deeply offended that I was even forced to watch him tell those lies. TO HER. To a character who existed only to try and ring sympathy out of me. When as others have pointed out there was absolutely nothing interesting, appealing, attractive or well-written about her. Which would have been fine if she'd been treated like other House characters, both the patients or the patient's scummy parents. But NO, she was treated as SRV and I will never bow down to any character when I'm told I should or that they're SPESHUL SNOWFLAKES.

This is why I feel that SRV, a character who appeared in only one episode is the deserving recipient of "Least Favorite Character Over-All" rather than Vogler or Tritter or even the Newbies.

The badness associated with her is symbolic of what was about to go very, very wrong with the show. She is the canary in the coal mine and the first notes of the Jaws theme for House jumping the shark. A badly conceived, horribly executed character in a wretched episode.

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