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30 Days of House MD

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 9 - Your favorite scene

Tricky, tricky. So many great ones. I think I'll go with a dark horse and single out this House/Wilson scene from Cursed.

[Cut to Wilson, talking to some blonde accountant. Oooh.]

Blonde: You think three copies will be enough, right?

Wilson: One’s always been more than enough for me. [House taps him on the shoulder with his cane.]

House: Why didn’t you tell me that Rowan Chase was in to see you?

Wilson: [to the blonde] Excuse me. [to House] Ethics, confidentiality? Does any of this ring a bell?

House: You could have covered yourself. Called me in for a consult.

Wilson: It is a juicy piece of gossip. You know what happened? I got all focused on his cancer and lost perspective.

House: You can’t tell Chase, but I can. What should I do?

Wilson: Oh! This is where I give you advice and pretend you’re going to listen to it. I like this part. Did Rowan ask you not to tell?

House: I promised I wouldn’t. My fingers were crossed, though, so I’m wide open.

Wilson: I was wrong! This is the musing-out-loud part! Do I actually need to be here?

House: Telling him, now that’s got real entertainment value.

Wilson: Hmmm, he might even cry. On the other hand, there is the “do unto others” thingy.

House: Then I should definitely tell him! I’d want to know.

Wilson: You want to know everything. There’s also the “keeping your promises” thingy.

House: Oh, you never run out of thingies. Like that blonde thing you were chatting up.

Wilson: She’s the hospital accountant! We were going over billing procedures!

House: Double-entry bookkeeping? [Elevator dings, because the elevator wins at comic timing.]

Wilson: What are you going to do?

House: Billing procedures. They’re so complicated, aren’t they? [Wilson rolls his eyes as the doors close.]

It's a perfect H/W scene from the days when we were allowed to read our own subtext into the H/W relationship instead of being spoon-fed fan-service. It's got snarky Wilson, obsessed with Wilson House, cheating Wilson, fucked up House etc. THIS is the kind of scene we've been deprived of lately and the kind that made me fall in love with the show and made me a H/W shipper.

Honorable mention: Meth-sex. Because it was hot.
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