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What a lovely way to end the weekend.

Ausiello is reporting that Jack's been shagging bartenders, or will at least be seen graphically shagging one. Not only is real!Jack coming back for HIS Gwen, he's going to be real!Jack in all possible ways. Poly amorous and omni-sexual. Coffee-baggers are frothing at the mouth.



First draft of yuletide is off to beta. I still can't believe that I wrote over 10,000 words is approximately two weeks. I think I've finally broken myself of needing to write my fic in longhand first. I did this whole thing on the laptop at the pace of essentially 1000 words per night.


Dentist appointment tomorrow AM. Hole in tooth to be fixed. YAY!


I've got new glasses. They are progressive (of course) and the frames are adorably retro.
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