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"Ladies In Waiting" Part 1 Star Trek: TOS

Title: Ladies In Waiting-Part 1
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Characters: Lenore Karidian (Conscience of the King), Janice Lester (Turnabout Intruder)
Rating: PG-For now.
Notes: Written for consci_fan_mo, Day 13. Prompt: . This is the part of consci_fan_mo, where I start a story with no idea of where I'm actually going. (And no beta, of course.)
Wordcount: 450
Summary: A tale of madness and revenge.

Lenore had presided over her kingdom of solitary bliss for two years and 3 months when the Lady Janice was brought into her realm.

“This is paradise,” she announced to the new arrival, as the courtiers ushered her into the throne room.

“This is hell and you’re just too stupid to notice it.”

Lenore was shocked to her core. Never had she heard such ugly anger from one of her subjects. If such things had existed in her old life, she had long since forgotten them. That was the purpose of this place, to be safe and warm and happy; to read her books and tend her garden and rule over her subjects in perfect harmony.

The courtiers quickly took the Lady Janice away, perhaps to find a way of showing her how lucky she was to be here rather than…well, where ever it was she had been before while Lenore went back to contemplating the happiness of her life.

“I know why you’re here. I know who did this to you.”

She had returned, while Lenore was taking her afternoon tea. Lenore looked for the courtiers, but they must have been going about other duties.

“It was Jim Kirk.”

Lenore felt something rising in her, something that had been put away with her pauper’s clothes and the fear she’d lived in when the voices in her head drove to do things…things she couldn’t bear to think of now, things that seemed to live in the Lady Janice’s voice.

“He took everything you loved, didn’t he? “

That name. Jim Kirk. James. She tried to blink away the memories, then sing over them and finally shout until her body started aching and the courtiers finally deigned to come and soothe her.

“Don’t take the pills,” Janice whispered as she went to her own chambers. “That’s how they control you. That’s how HE keeps you here.”

By that time she was drifting into sleep, but instead of the beautiful dreams of her new life, she saw and felt and heard only the darkness and the voices and the old man she’d sworn to protect and the golden-haired boy…with his strong hands and soft lips and nothing but betrayal in his heart.

Janice was right. She didn’t belong here. She was the daughter of a great king and destined to take his throne, not this paltry substitute.

This time it was she who made her way down the hall, evading the inattentive courtiers, while casually wondering what punishments should be meted out to them.

She found Janice alone and pacing, a sly look on her face.

“James T. Kirk,” Lenore announced with the full gravity of her royal status. “He must die.”
Tags: consci_fan_mo, fanfic, ladies in waiting, star trek

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