karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

30 Days of House MD Meme

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 16 - Your favorite House finale

No Reason.

I love the mind-fuckery that goes on and even after multiple viewings I enjoy the different tricks that the script plays on us. I also love what we learn about House's relationships via the hallucination, especially the House/Wilson stuff, but also House/Chase, House/Cuddy and very much House/Cameron. Robo-sex was probably the hottest moment they ever got.

It's a great mix of drama and humor. Hugh's acting is pitch perfect, especially the scenes of terror that he's losing his mind. This is great foreshadowing the eventual breakdown in Season 5, although I think that was badly handled. One of the reasons it worked on any level was the ground prepared here.

Given the horrors that came with Seasons 4/5/6/7, I have a secret dream House that ends right at the end of this episode, where House MD is a pure cult show that never got the following it deserved and all the crap that destroyed it never happened.

The "canon" is locked in right where we left it, so that all House-ships are equally plausible and the S1/2 House/Cuddy backstory hasn't been ret-conned.

A girl can hallucinate, right?
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