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"Ladies In Waiting" Part 2 Star Trek: TOS

Title: Ladies In Waiting-Part 2
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Characters:(This part) James Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy. References to Lenore Karidian (Conscience of the King), Janice Lester (Turnabout Intruder)
Rating: PG13-For now.
Notes: Written for consci_fan_mo, Day 13. Prompt: . This is the part of consci_fan_mo, where I start a story with no idea of where I'm actually going. (And no beta, of course.)
Wordcount: (This Part) 475.
Summary: A tale of madness and revenge.

Part 1

Kirk was relaxing in his quarters with a book and a brandy when Uhura’s voice came in through the speaker in his quarters.

“Captain, there’s a transmission from Elba II. Shall I read it to you?”

He found himself tensing up at the name of the planet, but nodded and then spoke out loud.

“Yes, Lieutenant.”

“To James T. Kirk, Captain of the Starship Enterprise from Dr. Vision Louis Gut Winter, Administrator of the the Elba II Sanctuary for the Criminally Insane. I am disturbed and sorry to report the escape of two residents. Lenore Karidian and Janice Lester. One guard dead and two injured. They are believed to be aboard a Merchant Ship that was making a supply run. Location and destination unknown. Given the histories of the women involved we thought you should have this information. Good luck. Signed Dr. Winter.”

For a second Kirk wished there were a slightly more private means of receiving such communication. Eyebrows were probably being raised on the Bridge and tales would be spread throughout the ship. Oh well. His private life had never been particularly private. There were stories still being told of his days at the Academy, some of them involving Janice, no doubt.

Janice. Lenore. He had nothing to feel guilty about for either of them, he reminded himself. Two completely separate, extremely unfortunate cases. Two beautiful women with great potential who’d both ended up completely mad and coincidentally wanted him dead. He’d made vague promises to himself that he would go see Lenore after her breakdown, but somehow never found the time. As for Janice, there was too much history and pain there. The best to be hoped for was some level of rehabilitation.

From the sound of things, a fairly forlorn hope. He suspected that Janice was the instigator of the escape and if she was heading for him, Kirk could expect a fight.

His door opened to reveal McCoy looking agitated and Spock looking his typically calm self. They both had opinions, and Kirk suspected that one of Spock’s was the Vulcan equivalent of “You dirty dog.” Spock had mostly kept his opinions of Kirk’s liaisons to himself, as jealousy would be an emotion most unfitting for a Vulcan to express, but Kirk understood human emotions, even when they were only half-human. He didn’t make excuses for himself and having to explain why he’d seen fit have few private shows with Lenore when she was aboard the Enterprise wouldn’t help matters.

“These women are going to try and kill you.” McCoy growled, helping himself to a drink of Kirk’s Brandy.

“Any advice, Bones?”

He half expected McCoy to say something along the lines of “Do it them before they do it to you,” but he was too much the Southern Gentleman to express any such thoughts.

“Run for your life, Jim.”
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