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Dear god in heaven, why didn't someone warn me? I knew about the coat obviously. The charm. The dancing. The flirting. The Kissing. I even knew about the sort of nekkid and the line about the ratings going up. I was prepared for all of that. But did anybody bother to mention the leather pants? No they did not. OH. MY. GOD! Where are the icons with the bum in the leather I ask you? I offer up my heart, soul, a drabble, anything...

So here's the deal, I bought the Doctor Who Series 1 disks, but only 3 and 4, because I didn't think I'd be all that interested in anything but Captain Jack. I also did not expect that hubby would be the least bit interested in watching, since I more or less explained that this was going to be glorified porn for me. But he's like---let's watch it, which we did starting with The Long Game and were instantly sucked into the whole thing.

I was NEVER a Who person back in the day, despite spending a lot of time in Trek fandom and SF fandom and going to cons and all that stuff. I tended to think of Dr. Who as Tom Baker with the curly hair and the scarf. Not so much with the HOT in any way. I was totally entranced with Christopher Eccleston obviously having so much fun. I still think of him as Bilborough back on Cracker, which did not seem to be fun, and the only other think I really know him from is Elizabeth, where he might have been having fun, but was pretty Eeeeevil.

So we watched that and Father's Day, which left us on the verge of The Empty Child and I'm already hyper-ventilating from the promo and hubby decides it's beddy-bye time.

SUNDAY-Get up. Watch Tour De France. Go to a movie at the Roxie called Gypsy Caravan which I highly recommend to those who like world music, music documentaries, concert movies etc. If you liked Latcho Drom I think you'd like this better because it has more context and more people instead of just the performances. Then I went to the Mint and hung with the gang for awhile. I sang Elenore and London Calling for petrichor_fizz and also tried Me and My Shadow as a duet with Brendon, is the resident rat-packer, but it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. Got the sushi, went home-finished watching the last stage of the Tour de France, which I may or may not post on later and FINALLY!!!!!

I love him! I mean I love him. From the first scene, the first innuendo, the first word. And then it just got better. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Hubby was impressed with the panache as well, although not in the same way. Apparently he thinks Rose is a babe. Whatever. I'm hardly in a position to complain.

So we watched Empty Child, The Doctor Dances and Boom Town and then I was ready to call it quits, but we saw the "On the next Dr. Who" with the Weakest Link bit and there was no turning back. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. That one absolutely killed me because I'm such a British TV show fiend. Just the line about how on Ground Force you get turned into compost heap, had me in stitches.

And then of course---THE LEATHER PANTS.

So I dragged the carcass in here today and tried to get through my f-list only to discover that one of my favorite comms heard_of_it was spotlighted which means tons of new posters, which is great, but my slightly obsessive compulsive self had to read through all of it, before I could post. So now it's 433PM, I've got a shit load of actual work and I'm just now posting to squeeeeeeeeeee to all you.

And of course my next mission is to get disks one and two and all the Dr. Who's and then somehow find a way to survive until Torchwood gets here, which I think will still be before the new season of House starts.

BTW, you know what I really love (aside from the leather pants and everything that goes with them)? Cheesy special effects. Somehow in a world where everything is state of the art and CGI, I love seeing really bad tacky special effects.
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