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30 Days of House MD

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 18 - Your opinion on House and Cuddy’s relationship

Mostly anger at how badly it was botched. Yes, I'm a H/W shipper. Yes, I also think that it would have made much more sense to do House/Cameron first. BUT, I think this story could have been compelling IF it had followed the backstory we were EXPLICITLY given in Three Stories and Humpty Dumpty and the emotional dynamic established from the very first scene between House and Cuddy.

HOWEVER absolutely none of that happened. The House/Cuddy we've been given since the end of the Tritter Arc and through the rest of seasons 3/4/5 is nothing but retconning, re-writing and bull-shit.

I'm mostly pissed at the fact that they allowed any kind of "relationship" to go forward without dealing with Cuddy's part in the infarction, and no, what happened in Help Me does not quality. Did you see the way House went at Cuddy to get the morphine shot in Skin Deep? You really think that man is going to OK with Cuddy KISSING HIS SCAR?

It's hard to know which moment is the worst, although it's probably a tie between "I always want to kiss you" and the idea that Wilson would actually believe that House was hurt by Cuddy getting together with Lucas.

Again...all of this could have been done in-character and without insulting the intelligence of every viewer who's actually been paying attention since the beginning. There IS chemistry there, but it should always have been played as antagonism with oodles of angst instead of this CRAP, and I'm sorry to say it is crap.
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