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The Whizzo Quality Assortment Pimp Post

House MD
How To Lie In Three Easy Lessons by topaz_eyes.
House/Lie To Me crossover fic, written for the "Walks Into A Bar" ficathon.
Cal Lightman walks into a bar and meets James Wilson.
You know you want to read it.

The Best Place to Hide the Truth by haldane.
House/Wilson BDSM
Ol' Skool H/W, complete with Wilson's tie used as a blind-fold. Very 3rd Season-"before the fall" incorporating angst and banter and oh yeah, HOT SMUT!

White Collar
Roses and Restraints by china_shop.
Speaking of bondage...this time it's Neal/Mozzie and a pair of hand-cuffs. It's a little on the schmoopy side, but I'm reccing just because it's Neal/Mozzie AND the author does a great job with Mozzie's inner voice. Very well done and sweet.

Sherlock Holmes-2009 movie version
Irregular Choice by paperclipbitch.
Delicious repression and angst on Watson's side with flirty, knowing, slight nastiness on Holmes. Revolving POV, but well handled. Slightly AU to make a different "First Meeting" but it totally works and of course, it's totally hot.

Dr. Who
Cheap Tricks by redpearl_cao
Jack/Ten, Nine/Ten/Jack
This may be a repeated pimp, but it can never be said enough times. HOT HOT HOT! Real!Jack with the man/men of his dreams. Some really nice smut and one of my favorite kinks for Jack; double penetration.

Red Handed by wykling.
A wonderfully dark, hallucinatory Owen-centric fic. Mentions of Dianne, Katie etc. She really gets into the pain that drives Owen, which was (and is) so often ignored in favor of Tummy Rats. Seriously, this is some harsh, but brilliant stuff and you should read it.

High School Confuseical
Kurt/Rachel-yes, that way.
I know this is going to be a tough sell, but I've thought for a long time they were only two characters who were completely on the same page. This fic deals with ALL the issues, but still makes them a believable couple, if not for a fully happy ending. Please give it a try and leave some love. Written for an exchange, so the author hasn't been revealed yet.
Tags: doctor who, ficathon walks into a bar, glee, house md, lie to me, pimping, torchwood, white collar

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