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30 Days of House MD Meme

Meme of Doom ganked from cuddyclothes and chocolate_frapp.

Here are the questions

Day 22 - Your favorite season

Tricky. I love the first season, as we were watching the first time and getting to know the characters and pick up the different bits of back-story and subtext that fueled the first wave of fic and fandom, BUT I really gotta go with Season 2, especially the Stacy arc and the "Odd Couple" story, culminating in classics like All In and House Vs God. Even the super-dark episodes like Euphoria, Forever and Who's Your Daddy have their humorous bits. In fact, I think Season 2 was when the did the best balance drama to humor. Although I have issues with Euphoria, I LOVE that right in the middle of all that heaviness, they still did the little girl clinic patient with "gratification disorder." I think the lack of a "big bad" made of lot of difference as well, and of course in my dreams the whole thing ends with No Reason, so all of the awesomeness of Seasons 1 and 2 stands without any of the crap that followed.
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