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Interview Meme questions, continued.

The original interview Meme is still available right HERE

Long assed bunch of answers for gin200168

1.) Since your love of slash is so mighty, how many slash pairings do you
think you prescribe to, and in which fandoms?
I’m not going to count the whole DW/TW thing yet because I haven’t glommed onto any particular pairings yet. Right now it would be Jack/Anybody.

House MD
H/W (but House/Chase as a guilty pleasure and Wilson/Chase as a guiltier one.)



(I believe in Hugh/Stephen, but I don’t ship it, if that makes in any sense.)


I’ve tried so hard to get behind the Eppescest, but it’s just not happening.
I do have a femslash yen for Megan/Amita.

Ocean’s 11/12/13

I’ve written and will finish my Jools/Danny fics, but really it could be Jools/Anybody, because I’m all about the Jools-lust.

2.) Are there kinks or subjects that you absolutely refuse to read or

And pretty much any kind of gender-switch.
I won't read most H/W fluff and I will only write it under duress or very special request.

3.) What's your favorite karaoke song?
To sing? Before I said “Teenager In Love,” but I really love to sing Bruce Springsteen songs, especially Born To Run, Rosalita and Thunder Road. I really kick ass on Rosalita!

My “signature” song, if I have one is “One Night In Bangkok,” complete with major league attitude.

4.) Is there a song that you will never ever sing?

I almost never do ballads, so pretty much any BIG BALLAD would be right out. May the lord of Karaoke strike me dead if I ever attempt My Heart Will Go On.

5.) A fictional character with whom you're familiar rings your doorbell
one day. Who is it, what does he/she want, and how do you react?

That would be the immaculately dressed Jools Siviter of the British International Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6. Turns out that my Law Firm is doing business with some very dodgy characters and they’ve been doing some very suspicious travel which in the guise of a case going on in London could actual involve international money laundering. He’s asks me to keep an eye on the travel side of things and let him know who’s going where, when etc.

I don’t particularly try to play the AMERICAN card because I’m nobody’s rah-rah jingo kind of gal, and besides he’s BRITISH and my Anglo-philia is rather well known. Besides I’m bored and miserable at the job anyway and this makes it a little more interesting.

Since this is my Sue-ish tale, I’m afraid I’ll need to be both rescued and ravished along the way and because it’s MI5-verse and not Alias, I might end up dying horribly and irrevocably, but if I get the rescue and ravish treatment from Jools it might be worth it.

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