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My Rachel Maddow peeps will appreciate this.

You may remember the continuing saga of my client who goes pretty much EVERYWHERE with her husband and two children, approx ages now two and three.

Well, she's heading to DC for a week with hubby and kids. In my absence, the floater found her a property with a kitchenette that could accommodate the two cribs. Now, with less than a week to go, the client is expressing concern about the neighborhood the hotel is located in.

I sent out an email around the company asking for opinions from agents actually on the ground in DC, and was told repeatedly that the neighborhood is "Up and coming." This seems to mean anything from "don't worry about it" to "FLEE!!!"

So my lovely co-worker did some research and we located another property, which also has kitchenettes and can accommodate two cribs and is in a better neighborhood. What part of DC is this exactly?

C Street!

Yes, the property is at 200 C Street, which is therefore about a block away from the notorious C Street House run by The Family. So presumably my client will be safe from your run-of-the-mill thug, but might run into a Republican Congressman, with ties to a shadowy religious organization, and possibly up to his neck in a sex scandal.

I was totally titillated by this fact, but the client, an attorney didn't seem to twig that there was any significance to the street at all.

This makes me sad. Clearly Rachel and Jeff Sharlet et al have to do a lot more work getting the word out.
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