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Go easy on my conscience....

*waves at fans*

So...some whirl-windy Holiday week stuff. I'm having quite a good yuletide. The main fic I wrote has been well-received by the recipient. It's also garnered some nice reviews and a bunch of Kudos. I've even gotten a rec, which makes me very, very happy.

In looking at the rec posts so far, I'm pleased to notice that the recs seem to be getting spread around a bit more than I perceived in previous years.


Xmas Eve, I saw hllangel.

The "calming/detox wrap" at Burke Williams was exactly what we needed. For the first time in my life, I was force to use that hacknied, smut-cliche phrase "boneless" to describe my post-wrap conditions. Afterwards, we went to Woodhouse Seafood for OYSTERS!!!! And their "do it yourself" lemonade, which is essentially diabetes in a glass. Then we took our sugar-high selves to Duboce Park for a fur fix, ogling and interacting with a bunch of lovely doggies. After that we schlepped up Haight Street, visited Bound Together, which is NOT a BDSM sex toy story, but rather an anarchist collective book store. Once we'd finished there, we made it as far as Coffee For The People and then mostly called it a day.


Xmas Eve Night-Hubby and I went to the Embarcadero Theater to see The King's Speech.

SO FUCKING GOOD. Yeah, it was a little "Masterpiece Theater-y" and yeah, I sort of half expected a rousing chorus of The Rain In Spain...but still AWESOME. Colin Firth is totally going to win the Oscar he should have gotten last year and is now completely redeemed for his performance in Mamma Mia.

It's so nice to remember what Helena Bonham Carter can do when she's not being one of Tim Burton's grotesques. So much great acting on one screen: Geoffrey Rush, Michael Gambon, and SIR DEREK JACOBI! I hadn't even realized Guy Pearce was in it as the Duke of Windsor. That is not an easy roll to make even remotely sympathetic, but I thought he handled it well. (Full Disclosure: I LOVE GUY PEARCE. I will give him a pass for nearly anything.)

Just a fabulous piece of film making all around.


Xmas Day

I was up at about 2AM when my Yuletide gift-fic came in and I had to restrain myself not to wake hubby up with the SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!

Went to Safeway to get a bunch of food to take over to Psycho-Sis's place. Hung out most of the day doing laundry (more about that in locked post). Got a cab in the pouring rain. We gave her my old computer, although it turned out I hadn't quite scrubbed everything incriminating, especially not my book-marks. :) We got that sorted and then watched A Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu. Hubby is a sucker for the the Vince Guaraldi score.

I was stressing about everything and ended up eating way too much and drinking a lot of Martinelli's which it should be noted, will always give me a sugar hangover.

Went home to watch Dr. Who-A Christmas Carol

And it's Michael Gambon-AGAIN! As Christmas specials go, I wasn't that impressed, but it was mindless enough and as if the Doctor doesn't have enough trouble with Queen Elizabeth, now there's Marilyn Monroe. Gotta love that.

Also, Amy and Rory playing dress-up games on their honeymoon. Rory, I didn't think you had it in you.

Moffat is once again going all out with the Timey-Wimey. I think he needs to back away from that well a little bit in the next series.

Hubby pipes up to say that he prefers Kylie to Katherine Jenkins.


Sunday-Karaoke. Fun for about two hours and then things got derailed but a really obnoxious bunch of drunken twats. Even Yanni couldn't handle it, which is saying something.

Came home to try and watch Buffy Season 6-Disk one, but the disk was being quite disagreeable and we barely got through Bargaining Parts 1 & 2 before giving up and settling in for some old QI's instead.


And I can now say my last exchange fic of the season is done and awaiting (fingers crossed) final Beta Blessing.


Another reminder: Drabbble-a-Day 2011 is almost here. Please leave prompts for any fandom HERE

Very interested in birthday requests and MMOM prompts!

ETA: I have now seen Dr. Horrible...so that's certainly up for prompts, although I haven't quite assimilated it yet. As in I'm still asking WTF?
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