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Mission Magic Music

Because I posted THIS at heard_of_it after finding the soundtrack and having 70's Saturday morning cartoon flashbacks and realizing that I was crushing on Rick Springfield (as a cartoon) way before General Hospital or Jesse's Girl or any of that.

Do we love that 70's hair or what?

I ain't vouching for the musical quality, but if anyone's interested:

1. We're Gonna Have A Good Time
2. It's Driving Me Crazy
3. Free and Easy
4. You Can Really Do It (If You Try)
5. On The Other Side
6. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
7. Love Is The Key
8. You Better Think Twice
9. Welcome To The Rodeo
10. I Want You
11. Just Gotta Sing
12. If We Help One Another
13. Starlight, Starbright
14. Catch Me If You Can
15. I Know That It's Magic
16. Theme from Mission Magic
17. Bonus track-Speak To The Sky
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