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New Year Notes

The Drabble-a-Day project is under way! Two down, 363 to go. Piece of Cake.

Some DVD viewing this weekend, so new fandoms up for prompting:

Chuck-1st Season, Disc 1 (I'm sure everyone ships Chuck/Morgan, but I'm all about the Casey/Sarah hatesex vibe.)
Fringe-1st Season, Disc 1-Still Trying to get my head around any of this crap.
Neverwhere (I have no idea if I can write this, but I'm willing to try.)
Buffy-Up to Season 6, Disc 1 AND we watched the original movie.

We also watched Dr. Horrible last week. So I'll take prompts there too.

Classic Who continued with The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. That alligator thing was the LEAST SCARY MONSTER EVER! And the overwrought acting throughout, but especially at the end was pretty cringeworthy.

Drabble-a-Day Prompt Post
Drabble-a-Day Master List

Saw Fair Game on Friday night. Excellent piece of agit-prop reminding me how much I hate Bush/Cheney et al and WHY. It's also hard not to experience the movie as a bit of Meta on Sean Penn himself as the guy who won't shut up and acts like an asshole, but has to keep fighting because he's right. Oh Sean! *hugs*

I spent the first 1/2 hour with a massive case of "Who the hell is that guy?" until I recognized the actor playing Valerie Plame's boss at the CIA as none other than Noah Emmerich who played Garrett Fowler on White Collar. Man that guy can REALLY do "bureacratic prick" to a T.


Goddess nails done! A week of no binging. A bit of exercise, but need to be more consistent.


Karaoke song list returns!

I Like It-Gerry and the Pacemakers
D'yer Maker-Led Zeppelin (I actually to explain the joke in the title to Daddy Dave.)
Best of Times-Styx
Love Me Tonight-Tom Jones
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye-Soft Cell
Baby I Need Your Lovin'-The Four Tops

Yuletide has been revealed and I will do post about that, but I'm waiting a bit to avoid the POST-Holiday Comment Vortex.

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