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Quick Barrow-mania post

Because I just need an excuse to use the bum picture one more time today.

Tuesday night, I spent about 4 hours at Cafe Petra watching You Tube clips including the "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" which caused me to actually spit Morrocan Mint tea out of my mouth several times, mostly due to JB's hijinks as well as the Weakest Link special, where I probably annoyed other people by answering questions out loud. (You never want to watch Jeopardy with me, by the way. I'm really, really annoying. I not only shout out answers, I do so in the form of a question.)

Generally I'm not the biggest Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, but Mr. Barrowman has actually redeemed "Sunset Boulevard" for me. I might even try it at the Mint on Sunday, but it would be a stretch.

I'm heading over to Virgin right now. Need to pick up the first two disks of Dr. Who (the non-Jack ones) and possibly confer with my pal Frank about getting more Barrowman CD's ordered.

I've been reading Torchwood fic (thanks for the rec list jadesfire) and although my fluff allergy isn't as strong as it is for Housefic, I'm still more drawn to the angst, cos that's the kind of gal I am, so it's a good thing that paperclipbitch has already laid out a virtual Yellow Brick Road of angsty TW fics.

I'm just so happy he's not outrageously younger than I am, no matter how YOUNG he looks. I was so agreeing with the moderator who was asking if he'd had anything done, cos damn he looks young and I'm not quite ready to be a Dirty Old Broad just yet, although that's definitely my destiny.

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