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At least she'll be ready for the darker side of the fandom....(Torchwood News)

Alexa Havins has been cast as a series regular on the upcoming fourth season of Torchwood, reports TVLine.

For those who don't know, Babe (her character on All My Children) was hated and villified in ways that make the AGA crowd look like mere pikers. Of course it can be argued that Babe had a lot of that coming. Baby-napping on a soap opera is never a good idea, especially when the baby-nappee is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery. (Who ended up forgiving her, by the way.)

The world of on-line bitchery being what it is, a lot of the hatred spilled over to the actress (although not to the extent of the personal abuse heaped on Laura Allen when she was playing Laura Kirk.)

Anyway, the point is that if Alexa's character becomes the object of a certain brand of fan hatred---you know if Jack happens to smile at her or something---she'll be well prepared for it.

It just makes me happy that this season is going to happen and people are going to watch and there's nothing the coffee-baggers can do it about it.
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