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Just because my hair is curly....

Just because my teeth are pearly...

OK, my teeth aren't that pearly, but I am trying to be shiny this morning, even though I'm back at the Desk Of Doom and it's pretty gloomy out right now. Also Tobie is being a bit of wench. Luckily she's off for tomorrow and the next day and I'll have the lovely Juicy Lucy in the office.

Thursday night, I went to Virgin and picked up complete Dr. Who series 1 & 2. This is a partial dupe of what I'll already bought last week when I was only after the Captain Jack stuff, but that was obviously misguided. Hubby was totally on-board with this outrageous expenditure and we spent most of the weekend watch the eps we hadn't seen along with all the fabulous extras.

(I love the "Confidential Cutdowns" but especially JB stroking the TARDIS, squeeeing over his own Dalek, and OMGOMG kvetching that the BBC wouldn't show his nekkid butt!)

This means I'm now caught up to the end of Series 2, desperately waiting for Torchwood and reading as much fic as I can while struggling through my own writing obligations and sometimes pretending to do my job.

I did 8 miles on Saturday morning. Then we went to brunch at Crepevine on Church Street and I did some shopping so we were all stocked up for the weekend.

On the writing front, I finished typing up my next H/W angst-a-palooza, finished the Oceans 11 fic that I couldn't not write and finally started my betteronvicodin story. WHEW!

I'll give you all a heads-up when I'm going to post the RPS. It's not quite soup yet and I don't want to let it go until it's absotively, posolutely perfect. The guys deserve it and so do you.

SPECIAL THANKS to savemoony for my fabulous new icon, created within minutes of my suggesting that I really needed such a userpic.

Karaoke report--As tentatively promised, I did attempt Sunset Boulevard. The verses are really low, just a little below my range, so I think I would try it up two next time, but it could actually be a good, dramatic number for me. I'm really good at fast songs. Thanks John, for totally redeeming that song from my general aversion to all things Webber. I love his inflection on "Kiss someone's wife, kiss someone's ass."

There were some seriously drunk people around. I know it's a bar and all, but I'm always somewhat surprised to find people trashed out of their minds at four in the afternoon. Things got totally fun when some of the San Francisco Home Girls from the San Francisco Gay Softball League showed up to party.

The rest of my song list for Sunday:
1. Cry Just A Little Bit-Shakin' Stevens
2.Please Don't Tease-Cliff Richard
3. Why Does It Always Rain On Me-Travis
4. Little Town Flirt-Del Shannon

I think as soon as I get home tonight, I'll do the commentary tracks that JB is on, although I'm totally bummed that he's not on the one with game shows, because that would have been SOOOOO COOOOL.
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