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And do they know...it's like I'm losing my mind.

I didn't get out of here until 745PM last night and then I went home and watched the Democratic Forum, during which it ocurred to me that I was completely losing it because Dennis Kucinich was making a lot of sense. It was even weirder afterwards when I could have sworn that Pat Buchanan was saying nice things about Hillary, or at least saying she won. Normally I like John Edwards, but the whole Edwards/Biden "more Wobbly than thou" show-down was fairly nauseating.

But oh god, KEITH!!!! Keith Rules. Totally. Now and forever.

I thought the headlines would be about the Dems this AM, but instead it was Barry Bonds. He did it. 756. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but it's a San Francisco thing and I'm happy for the City, if not for Bonds himself.

Monday night, I started watching the Dr. Who episodes with the commentaries that JB is on and you could hear my squeeee-ing from the Mission to the Marina. Everytime I think I can't love him more...I'm wrong. And keep in mind I still haven't see Torchwood or Series three Dr. Who.

Work is sucking fairly hard right now. I'm happy to have the Lovely Lucy here with me today, but I reallyreallyreally don't want to be here at all. It's one of those, tell me again why I'm doing this, kind of days at the Desk of Doom.
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