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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I'm all set up at my new office! The first two days were horrible because my corporate overlords don't want me using Firefox and they've set the proxies here not to contact it. That left me with Explorer and since Explorer hates Gmail, everything was running super slow. Then I ran into the fabulous smartmunkey last night at the Mint and she suggested Google Chrome. I came in and loaded it and VOILA! Gmail and all the websites I cannot live without are running a treat.

The reason I'm in a new office, which is actually my old office, is that the LAW FIRM is making some extra $$$ by leasing out some of their office space and they've chosen not to allot a new closet for their on-site travel department. So Steve is now working from home and I'm in a cubicle (which is bigger than my whole previous office) back at the regional office. This means I'm on Montgomery near Sutter and back in the same downtown area that I've mostly worked in as long as I've been in San Francisco. I'll miss being so close to the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building, but this is a nice neighborhood too.

Of course, I would have had a lot more trouble with the Dog-a-Day project, if I'd been here, since this is not prime dog walking territory.

The best thing is that I'm free from the possibility of a client walking in and seeming me with my feet up on the desk drinking an umbrella drink, or having the panty patrol bust me for wearing my Crocs.

I will be in the same place as the Regional Manager, but she's almost never here anyway and is much more laidback about that stuff anyway. As long as I'm not in a bathrobe and the fuzzy bunny slippers I should be ok.

I miss having Steve directly over my shoulder, but we have email and instant messaging, so we're good. There's a 24 Hour fitness just across the street and I'm one BART station closer to home. Now that the OTHER SITUATION is resolved (hopefully) I intend to start getting my life back and either walking to work, riding the bike or getting to the gym on a regular basis.
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