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Day 26: A pairing that you hated and ended up loving.

House/Cameron-House MD

Full disclosure: In the first flush of my House fandom, I was a borderline misogynstic, Cameron-hating House/Wilson shipper, who had my fair share of Die Cameron, Die moments and still finds the date scene from Love Hurts one of the most excruciating things ever put on television.

HOWEVER...considering what we've been put through since, including the horror of 13, and the Pit of Bad Writing and Acting that is House/Cuddy, I'm more and more regretful that for whatever reason, either Hugh's reluctance or the writer's desire to titillate the House/Wilson shippers, they never followed through on the initial dynamic. I'm not saying it would or could have ever "worked" as a relationship, but I still think it would have played far more emotionally true to the characters and provided much better angst for House/Wilson.

I'm also a bit nostalgic as House/Cameron was the first het-ship I ever wrote after coming to LJ, and it was very titillating to "come out" as bifictional and scandalize some of my slash pals. I'll always kind of love them for that too.

I still insist that I'm a H/W slasher in good standing, but my affection for this "lost ship" is quite strong as well, and adds to my disappointment with what the show has become.
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