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Five Things I Love A Lot Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl.

Leave a comment describing your favorite thing so far about 2011, and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this blurb, at your own journal. Step three: Profit!

Speccy gave me the followings: Karaoke, John Barrowman, Gregory House, travel, Rachel Maddow

1. Karaoke
I love to sing. Always have, always will. Unfortunately, in my family, the musical talent gene tends to skip generations. My mother can hit notes, stay on pitch, play guitar etc. All I've got is a good chest voice and lots of moxie. Not so much with the pitch and on-key thing. Luckily, it's just karaoke, and as long as you love to sing, there are people who will support you. So I can get up there every week and sing my heart out, sometimes well and sometimes very badly and still get the validation I so desperately crave.

2. John Barrowman
John, John, John, John, John! The things I do for you, including buying import CDs because you haven't bothered getting most of your CD's officially released in the US. Listening to said CD's when some of them are rubbish. GOING TO BIRMINGHAM UK to see you in Panto. Fighting bloody shipwars to defend the sluttitude of the character you brought to life so brilliantly. I guess I'm in my 4th year of Barrowmania now, and while it's not as intense as it was during the 2nd series of Torchwood, I still have John as the wallpaper on my office computer and everything he's recorded that I can get my hands on on my Ipod.

I am absolutely avid for the new season or Torchwood, in the hopes that we'll get John playing the Jack he originally gave us in Dr. Who, with lots and lots of real!Jack and the UST with Gwen.

3. Gregory House
To paraphrase George C. Scott in Patton: "House, you magnificent bastard!"
I love Greg House, the bastard. I hate what the show has attempted to do to him. If they tried to side line the potential House/Cameron story line by claiming that she wanted to "fix" him, what exactly do they think they've been doing to him through the "new and improved" House debacle?
So yeah, I love Greg House as we were giving him in Seasons 1/2 and part of 3. Bitter, brooding, addicted to drugs, gambling, alcohol and hookers and hot as hell for it. Willing to say anything to anyone, NOT to try and improve them, but simply because he was in pain and he wanted to take the rest of the world there as well.
And did I mention: HOT!

4. Travel
Well, if we're talking about my profession, not so much with the love, except my affection for a steady paycheck.
As far as going places, yeah. I do love to travel, although I actually hate to fly. I want to see much more of Europe and possibly Asia, plus I'll always be happy to go back to Maui and sit on my patch of green in front of Lahaina Shores reading old New Yorkers. So as much as I want to see new places, I'm somewhat drawn to going back to places I love that are familiar. I'm really hoping that I get to the UK this year for Edinburgh (new) and London (a place I love.)

5. Rachel Maddow
With Keith gone, we need Rachel more than ever. She's essentially the only true progressive voice who can call the right wing out on their b.s. without sounding either deranged or like a blow-hard. She does it with charm, humor and brutally scathing wit.

She's smart, funny, beautiful, openly gay and has a doggie name Poppy. She is my big-time girl-crush and my political heroine.
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