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30 Days of Shipping Meme

Meme of doom ganked from The Fabulous Ree

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Day 27: A pairing that you loved and ended up hating.


Oh my god, did I ship this. Passionate Danny and uptight, repressed Mac. I devoured angsty smut for it. *waves at stellaluna_* I tin-hatted pretty much every scene they had to together for three seasons. I was able to fanon my way around Brit-chick and even early Danny/Lindsay, but some part of me feels like this was a House/Wilson situation on a smaller scale. (I know, Paranoid Bitching of a Paranoid Bitch.) It genuinely looked like TPTB were desperately trying to make the slash go away. And honestly the way they handled Danny/Lindsay, was absolutely terrible. Lindsay was completely justified in breaking up with him and the whole stupid preganancy/marriage plot was completely hideous. He proposed. SHE SAID NO! And then everybody gets together to bulldoze her into marrying him anyway? WTF? Mac (who knows so much better) tells him he'll be a good husband and father? WTFFF? (I was sort of able to tin-hat that one into my slash thread as Mac feeling like he has give up Danny for his own good.) Since then, I've barely watched the show and I don't miss it, but I do miss the incredible heat that Gary Sinese and Carmine Carmine Giovinazzo generated on screen together. And I HATE what the show did to them.
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