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Day 28: A pairing that you will never understand.

Taub and Mrs. Taub-House MD

Sorry Taub-lovers. Borderline bashing ahead.

As in, I will never understand WHY TPTB chose to spend so much of their screen time torturing me with Taub and whiny, passive-aggressive Mrs. Taub. Of all the mis-steps that have occurred since the end of Season 3 (or the middle of season 3, depending on how you look at it) I honestly think this is the worst, and that includes the insane amount of time devoted to 13. At least on some level, Olivia Wilde is ok to look at (sorry chocolate_frapp), but the Taub plot was/is pure torture unrelieved by either humor or eye-candy. And not for a second do I trust the writers to let them stay broken up either. I have no spoilers, but I will bet actual funds in the currency of your choice that we haven't seen the last of this crap.
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