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House Babble for Family Practice

Due my Internet Provider having an outage last night, I was essentially watching alone. I didn't hate the episode as much as I expected too, but I do have a few thoughts. As always, Taub-lovers are advised to read at their own risk, although today I'm going to try and be analytical, rather than vitriolic.

First of all, let's just stipulate that I hate all the newbies from Season 4 (and yes that includes Amber) and if there were a way to get rid of all them, never to have them mentioned again, that would be fine with me.

Assuming we're stuck with Taub and Thirteen, the veryvery least I think we can demand is consistency for the stupid back-stories they showed up with. In Taub's case, that was very specific. He had to give up his lucrative cosmetic surgery practice because of an affair with a nurse. One affair. One nurse. I was not implied that he was a serial philanderer. We have one of those on the show. His name is James Wilson. We KNOW he screwed around. It's a fact. (Even if the writers have been trying to white-wash and retcon it. Watch seasons 1-2. It's there.)

Since then, the writers have somehow taken this one-time fling, which sort of made sense for the short, less than attractive, but possibly funny, Jewish type, into some kind of nonstop screwathon, where his wife was somehow justified in all of her whiny, self pity and therefore her internet flirtations.

It doesn't jibe with reality and it doesn't make sense and it's NOT compelling television. The biggest problem is that while they're trying to tell me that Taub is a player, they're still treating him like a Woobie, this weeks beat-down from the brother-in-law being a prime example. You can't be a womanizer and a woobie! I honestly can't decide if the writers are trying make the character lovable or if they hate him. All I know is the more they Woobie him, the more I hate him. (My hatred of designated Woobie charachers is well known.)

This week, his sub-plot was pointless, and annoying and really pointed up the uselessness of the character, since it showed that he ISN'T even a good diagnostician. Are we supossed to believe that he wasn't a high-school nebbish (or that he could come close to Foreman in basketball)? He has no connection to House and no rooting interest as a character. It was especially egregious to give him so much time this week (for the 3rd week in a row) in an episode that had NO WILSON

Meanwhile: Woobie #2-Doogie Houserette...Again, I hate Woobies. Watching House emotionally abuse her this week made me deliriously happy. Reminded me of the joy I feel when a certain other Woobie gets kicked in the head. I'm ALMOST looking forward to 13 coming back, if it means this one leaves. Although presumably they'll have her quit and it'll be proof of....something. Seriously...let's assume House was telling the truth and really did set her up, and she still stays? She deserves everything House will ever to do her.

OK, the main plot...I still wish that Candice Bergen had been given a real character to play, but I found the House/Cuddy dynamic more believable this week. When House said "addicts lie" it seemed like the most emotionally truthful thing he's ever said to her, and the fact that they played all their scenes in dark rooms with rain and shadows all seemed as though someone came into the production who understood what House and Cuddy are really about.

I know we'll be back to fake unicorns and sunshine next week, but that part of the episode (and House abusing Martha) almost made this episode worthwhile.

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